The Team Dedicated To Our Craft

I first started working at the Distillery after a friend had told me there was a job opening and that it was a good job. They didn't lie. I've been at the Distillery for a while now working as a maintenance tech. It means I fix pretty much anything and everything you'll find on the Distillery grounds.

I had a startling welcome to the Distillery my first summer here. I was working second shift by myself on a stormy night. All of a sudden I felt something on my leg, I turned around to find this big, happy dog licking me. People talk about rumors of ghosts on the Distillery grounds, so I thought that was pretty funny.

Overall, I love the people that work around here. It's definitely a family atmosphere. There’s great scenery around, too. You can't beat being a part of such a historic place and industry with so much great heritage.

Ryan O'Neal